The 5th day of Christmas is...World Soil Day!


This year, 5th December for me isn't about 5 gold rings - instead it'll be about World Soil Day. And I'm laughing as I'm writing this as 1) as a marketing person I realise that this isn't a great opener to an engaging article, when Christmas is particularly important to us all this year! And 2) most people think that soil is a dull as, well, mud! But, for just a couple of minutes let me share what this is all about, as really it's the foundation of why organic and sustainable farming and food production is so important. Then we can get back to all things that sparkle!

So let's kick-off with an alarming fact. Did you know that we lose the equivalent of 30 football pitches worth of soil every minute to degradation, caused by intensive farming practices in the main. And why is that important? Well as you would expect, our soil produces 95% of the food we eat. It also prevents floods and droughts by storing water, and it captures and stores our carbon dioxide reserves which is an essential resource in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change.

So it's important, really important in fact that we support sustainable farming practices - both at home and globally in order to protect this precious resource. Especially as it can take up to 1000 years for just 1cm of topsoil to form.

How can you help? Well, awareness is key. Understandably this isn't a dinner party topic, and we can't have those at the moment either! But you can point people here as a start, or to the fab Soil Association site, and their fab 'Save Our Soil' campaign: You can start a compost heap at home - however small, you can grow soil-saving plants, and of course you can be more considered in your food choices - which in reading this I'm sure you probably already are! If you have any thoughts, or further info or tips, please feel free to get in touch.

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