How We Source Our Products


At JOY, our aim is to make buying food with minimal environmental impact convenient. Food that’s good for you and good for the planet, and available in your local shop.

But we know that a lot of you will want to know how it is we go about choosing the goods we offer in store. We’re asking you to put your trust in us to make the decisions for you, so we thought we’d put together a post to explain how we do that.

It’s important to note that no one (both individual and business) is perfect, so the products we do offer don’t necessarily fall into all of these categories.


Is it Local?

When you buy local produce, you’re buying great food, supporting the grower and supporting the local economy. Locally grown food is bursting full of flavour and nutrients, as the crops have been picked at their peak, and haven’t had to travel very far to get to you.

There will also likely be more information on how your food was grown (and you might even be able to visit the farm!)

Throughout the year we aim to buy as close to home as possible, which could mean – and particularly during the ‘hungry gap’ months, that UK options may not be as perfect looking as their chemically grown, plastic-wrapped supermarket counterparts.


Is it Organic?

Organically grown food is grown the way nature intended. Fewer artificial fertilisers, pesticides, additives, GMOs, etc. It’s better for the planet, and it’s better for us. Most notably, organic food is better for pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, who are integral to the growth of three quarters of our food crops.

Organic food is better for your nutritionally too, with organically produced crops were found to have up to 68% more antioxidants than non-organic.

All our fruit and veg is certified organic.


Is it Plastic Free?

Plastic can take a long time to decompose. A really really long time. Which, as we know, is not good for the environment. Living without it would be the ideal solution, but it’s not that easy!

At JOY, we’re aiming to be single-use plastic free. All our fruit and veg are sold without plastic, and the rest of the products we have on offer should be without single-use plastic, and where it arrives with a plastic element – we go straight to source and discuss options for removing it next time.


Is it Sustainable?

We look for growers, suppliers and makers who are conscious of their impact on the planet and are working to minimise it. Everyone, including businesses, are on their own journey when it comes to sustainability, so it could be that a particular supplier has nailed one area (such as where they source their ingredients) and is working on other areas (like packaging), but we’ll still consider them for the store.


Is it Ethical?

Similarly, we want to work with suppliers who pay fairly and don’t exploit others. We are confident that our suppliers and their supply chain pay a fair wage and look after their staff.


As you can see there are a number of questions that we ask when we’re sourcing products! As mentioned, not everything will fall into every category, but we work hard to find the best products for our shop, so you don’t have to.

We’ll be talking about all of these areas in more detail in the coming months, so make sure you keep an eye on the blog!




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